Below are some frequently asked questions about our industry.  Don’t see your question? Feel free to ask.

Paving has some unique advantages that customers should know – it’s typically less expensive than concrete, it is more flexible material than concrete, you can drive over the new asphalt almost as soon as we’re done with your project, unlike concrete, a crack or hole is easy to seal and repair, and mishaps such as oil blend in!


A properly sealed and maintained paved road or driveway can last 20 plus years depending on how much you maintain it.


Maintain your new asphalt with crack filling and sealcoating every three to five years.


Some companies can price their work cheaper by cutting corners, affecting the quality job you deserve. A lower cost may be the other company applying a thinner, non durable, layer of asphalt, or skipping over the proper time into prepping the project correctly. Global has several years of experience, so our crew knows exactly what time and effort needs to be going into a quality job.

Sealcoating will preserve your asphalt for years to come. It will also help diminish the appearance of oil/gas leaks, and power steering marks.

The commercial sealer we apply can last up to 5 years.


We recommend staying off the new sealer for at least 24 hours after the crew is done applying.


No, commercial sealer has more sand in it, which will provide a longer lasting material than the sealer you purchase in home improvement stores.