Maintaining Your Asphalt

We can recommend an asphalt maintenance schedule of what procedures to have done to your asphalt surfaces and when to have them done. Asphalt is made up of stones, sand and liquid tar. With liquid tar it will take time to cure. Treat your driveway with care to keep it looking fresh and new.

Try not to turn a vehicle’s wheels back and forth when the vehicle is not in motion. Avoid heavy trucks on the asphalt, as they may leave ruts and tire marks. Do not drive on the edges of the driveway. The edges are the weakest part of the driveway with no side support and will eventually crack apart. Careful of any types of oils spilling onto your driveway. The oils will eat and decay the asphalt.

Asphalt may look smoother throughout different areas of your driveway. This is because of the different size stones throughout the asphalt mixture. Also, some area in the asphalt that have been done by hand tools, may appear different that the asphalt that was laid by machinery. With the cold and brutal winters, cracks throughout your driveway are inevitable and bound to happen at some point. We recommend seal coating your driveway in the first 12 months to help preserve its durability.

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